That’s a wrap… I hope

Final reports have been delivered. I hope there’s nothing more we should do. Figures are not that good as they were once, but given the circumstances, they are OK. That’s all for my part, I am calling this a wrap…


At last…

The promises had been kept. I received all the confirmations I needed, and more. I struggled until the very end but I did it again. I am proud, why not say it? I won’t be modest about it. I knew deep down that good things would happen to me, as always…

The worst Q end ever

Today is the last day, the day when all promises fail to accomplish. I don’t want to classify certain persons that promise everyday a response and when it comes the final hour, disappear. I’ve tried everything. It’s up to them now… Nevertheless I cannot escape a feeling of frustration… I hope it will soon pass…

Pep Guardiola, el hombre del día, “El Emperador”

Pep Guardiola es la verdadera estrella del Barça. El técnico culé ha sido el artífice del éxito azulgrana en una temporada gloriosa en la que como muy bien ha dicho “más no se puede hacer”.

En su primera temporada como entrenador ha conseguido ganar un triplete histórico: la Champions League, la Liga Española y la Copa del Rey, convirtiendo al Fútbol Club Barcelona en el primer equipo español de la historia en conseguirlo. También ha batido el récord de puntos conseguido por un equipo desde que las victorias tienen un valor de tres puntos y ha igualado el registro goleador del Real Madrid de Di Stéfano. También hay que destacar que han sido varios los partidos en que el FC Barcelona de Pep Guardiola ha goleado por 5 o más goles a sus rivales, destacando el histórico 2-6 contra el Real Madrid en el Santiago Bernabéu, una goleada que el equipo blanco no encajaba en 50 años en su propio feudo.
Ayer, 27 de mayo de 2009, en Roma, gana la final de la Champions League por 2-0 ante Manchester United. De esta forma FC Barcelona logra su tercer copa en la Liga de Campeones y Guardiola con 38 años logra un gran título para su carrera como técnico.


El entrenador del Barça es un hombre íntegro, meticuloso, muy serio en su trabajo y humilde. Guardiola ha asegurado que, pese a que no cree que sea el mejor Barça de la historia, sí es “la mejor temporada de la historia”.

Another earthquake

It seems I am the only one among the people I know to feel the earthquake that occured this morning. I felt it because I was in bed and not asleep. It was a two second movement. Anyway, I’ve asked everybody and they looked at me oddly. I watched the news in the morning and I thought I was crazy. But later came the confirmation. It was earthquake… a month and two days later…

Industries That Are Still Making Money in Recession

Auto Repairs, Home Repairs

Instead of buying new cars or upgrading to bigger homes, people are spending money on maintaining what they already own.


Many consumers are looking to save money by eating at home more than eating out.

Dentists’ Delight

Health care has been one of the most recession-resistant sectors, since people regard it as a necessity.

Looking Good

Personal care extends to looking good through the recession.

Another Romanian winner at Cannes

After a 20-film run, Festival de Cannes’ Un Certain Regard program wrapped Saturday night with Corneliu Porumboiu’s “Police, Adjective” taking the top jury prize.

The Un Certain Regard Jury was presided over by Paolo Sorrentino, who joined Julie Gayet, Uma da Cunha, Marit Kapla and Piers Handling to pick the winners. Un Certain Regard 2009 featured 20 films from 24 directors hailing from 20 different countries, and included two first films.

“No festival worth its salt will want to miss Corneliu Porumboiu’s follow-up to the Cannes Camera D’Or-winning ’12:08 East of Bucharest’ (2006),” writes Dan Fainaru in Screen. “Not only does his new film, set for Un Certain Regard this year, confirm the promise of his debut, but it goes one step further in its sober attempt to achieve the maximum with the minimum of means.”

“No one-hit wonder, Porumboiu confirms the promise of both the new Romanian cinema and his own status as a burgeoning world-class auteur,” writes Anthony Kaufman for indieWIRE. “It’s the capricious nature of law, along with the fickle ways of language and meaning, that’s really at issue in ‘Police, Adjective’ – as the film’s title suggests, i.e. from Websters: ‘Police (adjective) police power, police corruption, police state.'”

“The small-town police are hot on the heels of a high-schooler who shares a joint of hash with his friends before school,” explains Deborah Young in the Hollywood Reporter. “For the law, he’s a pusher. Following the case is young detective Cristi (Dragos Bucur), who has the uncompromising stubbornness of a hard-boiled hero, if none of the glamour…. Nothing, however, really develops in the film’s hyper-realist world. Instead of uncovering a big drug ring, Cristi argues with his wife about misspelled words, and here lies the crux of the matter. The Romanian Academy decrees word spelling with the force of law. But what is the meaning of Law? Police? Consciousness? Does moral law exist?”

“Further proof of the strength of the Romanian New Wave, this deadpan meditation on authority and moral conscience is playing out of the main competition, despite being one of the finest films at this year’s festival,” writes Manohla Dargis in the New York Times.

Corneliu Porumboiu is the son of well-known football referee Adrian Porumboiu.