Vacation at least

September has been for the last three years my vacation month. The day after tomorrow I will be in Barcelona, 11 years after. It has its advantages. The weather is milder and the rest of the people are generally coming back from their vacations. I am not so enthusiast for the moment, but I am sure I will be once I set foot on the airplane.


Grown Ups

In 1978, five friends win their junior high basketball championship. During the celebration, their coach “Buzzer” (Blake Clark) encourages them to live their lives in a similar way to how they played the game.

30 years later, the five friends have since separated. Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) is a high powered Hollywood talent agent who is married to Roxanne (Salma Hayek), a fashion designer. Together, they have two sons, Greg and Keith, and one daughter Becky, all of whom have become spoiled, much to Lenny’s annoyance. Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) is now a co-owner of a lawn furniture company (but he says he is just to impress his friends) who is married to Sally (Maria Bello). Together, they have one daughter, Donna and one son Bean, who still breastfeeds despite being four years old, much to Eric’s chagrin. Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is a stay at home father who is married to Deanne (Maya Rudolph), the primary breadwinner of the family. Together, they have a son, Andre, and a daughter, Charlotte, while Deanne is pregnant with a third child, and her mother, Ronzoni, lives with them as well. All of them harass Kurt for not being more useful. Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) is a thrice divorced pacifist vegan married to Gloria (Joyce Van Patten), who is 30 years older than him. Marcus Higgins (David Spade) has become a single womanizer.

When they learn that their coach has died, they all return to New England with their families for the funeral. Lenny rents the lake house for the 4th of July weekend for his friends to stay at, but Lenny can’t stay for the whole weekend because Roxanne has a fashion show in Milan.

There is nothing wrong about this film… there is nothing right about it either. It’s just another Adam Sandler feel-good movie, and if you like these, you will like this movie too. If you hate them for a lack of plot or the shallowness of the jokes, you won’t.

Man endures massive jellyfish swarm

Bruckner Chase staggered ashore at San Carlos Beach in Monterey on Tuesday evening after a 14-hour swim to raise awareness about the fragile nature of the local marine environment.
Ironically, some of the creatures native to that environment made Chase pay dearly for his 25-mile traverse across fabled Monterey Bay.
Chase was first stung about an hour into a swim that began in his hometown Santa Cruz before dawn. The jellies became more dense and the stings more frequent, so a determined Chase donned a wetsuit handed to him by those aboard an escort boat.

But that only protected his torso, arms and legs. “I got stung on my tongue, inside my mouth, on my neck and my feet and hands,” he said during an interview Wednesday morning, while parts of his body still itched and contained welts. “After the sun came up I did not take a single stroke in which I did not at least see a jellyfish.”
Chase, 44, who scheduled the event earlier than he would have liked to help kick off this week’s Blue Ocean Film Festival, became only the second person to have completed the swim across Monterey Bay.

Miss Universe 2010

A 22-year-old Mexico woman has won the Miss Universe pageant after donning a flowing red gown and telling an audience that it’s important to teach kids family values.

Jimena Navarrete was first to answer an interview question Monday night and the last of 83 contestants standing in the headline-grabbing pageant on the Las Vegas Strip.
Navarrete was asked whether kids should use the Internet unsupervised and said the Internet is an indispensable tool of our time.

First runner-up was Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, while second runner-up was Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell.

Gran Reserva

Se acerca la segunda temporada. A ver que pasa con los Revertes y los Cortázar. A ver que pasa con Raúl, con Lucía y los demás. Será un reto para los guionistas creo, pero sé que ahí estaré yo a comprobar sus hazañas. Es una serie muy bien hecha, que se merece todo el éxito que está teniendo.

The worst day in a long time

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. First thing in the morning, I’ve noticed that the car’s antenna was missing. Never mind that, I know there is a trend. After that, I found the parking space blocked. Never mind that either.
I order something to eat and they delivered one item wrong, twice.
Some of the keys on the keyboard got stuck and I needed a regular keyboard connected to the laptop, a 3-week old laptop…
I was really afraid of what could happen next. Nothing, if I don’t count that I got stuck in traffic longer than usual, due to road-repair works. When I got home I was so relieved.

Ground Zero Mosque

The fight over the Ground Zero Mosque “has become as nasty as it is unnecessary”. Americans “actually agree” on the main points. The public, including opponents of the project, “overwhelmingly acknowledges the right of Muslims to worship without harassment or interference.” But most of them can agree that it seems “self-destructive” to build a 13-story facility celebrating Islamic heritage next to “the very site of one of the darkest days in Muslim (and American) history.” In his “stumbling and belated” entry into the debate a few days ago, President Obama tried to soothe both sides. Ironically, he might have pointed to the solution.

In his Friday night speech to an Iftar dinner celebrating the month of Ramadan, Obama initially endorsed the right of Muslims build a mosque on their own property, and only the next day questioned the wisdom of actually exercising that right on the specific property in question. If the president went one step further, joining New York’s Gov. David Paterson in offering his good offices to find a less contentious location, he could turn a political liability into a major achievement — fulfilling the role of unifier and peacemaker he promised during his presidential campaign.

Most Americans would welcome an obvious compromise that honors both sides to this dispute. Yes, build the mosque. And yes, find a less-controversial location.