The worst day in a long time

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. First thing in the morning, I’ve noticed that the car’s antenna was missing. Never mind that, I know there is a trend. After that, I found the parking space blocked. Never mind that either.
I order something to eat and they delivered one item wrong, twice.
Some of the keys on the keyboard got stuck and I needed a regular keyboard connected to the laptop, a 3-week old laptop…
I was really afraid of what could happen next. Nothing, if I don’t count that I got stuck in traffic longer than usual, due to road-repair works. When I got home I was so relieved.


Ground Zero Mosque

The fight over the Ground Zero Mosque “has become as nasty as it is unnecessary”. Americans “actually agree” on the main points. The public, including opponents of the project, “overwhelmingly acknowledges the right of Muslims to worship without harassment or interference.” But most of them can agree that it seems “self-destructive” to build a 13-story facility celebrating Islamic heritage next to “the very site of one of the darkest days in Muslim (and American) history.” In his “stumbling and belated” entry into the debate a few days ago, President Obama tried to soothe both sides. Ironically, he might have pointed to the solution.

In his Friday night speech to an Iftar dinner celebrating the month of Ramadan, Obama initially endorsed the right of Muslims build a mosque on their own property, and only the next day questioned the wisdom of actually exercising that right on the specific property in question. If the president went one step further, joining New York’s Gov. David Paterson in offering his good offices to find a less contentious location, he could turn a political liability into a major achievement — fulfilling the role of unifier and peacemaker he promised during his presidential campaign.

Most Americans would welcome an obvious compromise that honors both sides to this dispute. Yes, build the mosque. And yes, find a less-controversial location.

Spectacular Pools

Infinity-edge pool – Joule hotel

The pool extends beyond the building, out over the sidewalk above the 1500 block of Main Street! This infinity-edge pool will not only provide guests with a refreshing place to cool off and relax, but it is also another eye treat adding to the cutting edge excitement downtown.
Passers-by below can see swimmers, plus a nighttime light show from the 132 fiber optic lights in the pool. Rooms at the Joule, which is part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide LLC’s Luxury Collection, start at $380 a night, with the 20th-floor penthouse rising to $5,000.

The world’s largest swimming pool

In the South American resort of San Alfonso del Mar in Chile, this artificial lagoon and swimming pool has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the the biggest and longest swimming pool in the world.
The pool is 1013 metres (3,324 feet) long and covers an area of 8 hectares (19.77 acres), had a 115ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons (250,000 cubic meters ) of water. It is even navigable in small boats !
The water is pumped in from the Pacific Ocean and treated before being pumped into the pool. The water temperature is kept at 26°C. It is 9°C warmer than the adjoining sea, allowing it to be used on cold days

18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site

In the middle of tomorrow, a great ribbed ghost has emerged from a distant yesterday.

On Tuesday morning, workers excavating the site of the underground vehicle security center for the future World Trade Center hit a row of sturdy, upright wood timbers, regularly spaced, sticking out of a briny gray muck flecked with oyster shells.

Obviously, these were more than just remnants of the wooden cribbing used in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to extend the shoreline of Manhattan Island ever farther into the Hudson River. (Lower Manhattan real estate was a precious commodity even then.)

By Wednesday, the outlines made it plain: a 30-foot length of a wood-hulled vessel had been discovered about 20 to 30 feet below street level on the World Trade Center site, the first such large-scale archaeological find along the Manhattan waterfront since 1982, when an 18th-century cargo ship came to light at 175 Water Street.

The area under excavation, between Liberty and Cedar Streets, had not been dug out for the original trade center. The vessel, presumably dating from the mid- to late 1700s, was evidently undisturbed more than 200 years.

Movie Maker

Yesterday I’ve received what was supposed to be the present for my birthday… In fact, I received it on June 2nd but I could only see it yesterday.
Well, it was worth waiting. A great video bringing back wonderful memories…
Today I made a video myself… can’t wait to see the outcome. This is only the beginning. I really like it…

Algo parecido a Invisalign

Esto llevo yo ahora… y lo tengo que llevar 3 semanas más o si hace falta, otras 3 quizás. Cuando me fue colocada la primera férula, me entró la duda de si podía hablar o simplemente estar.
Se trata de un molde que tiene la forma de la arcada y está confeccionado de un material especial, duro y completamente transparente, de modo que se puede quitar y poner sin dificultad y no se nota.
La férula ha de llevarse el mayor tiempo posible, y sólo ha de quitarse para comer y para limpiarla.
Esperaba tanto quitarme los brackets y ahora esto. Pero no va a durar mucho, este es mi único consuelo…

La herencia de 10 millones de euros

Los príncipes de Asturias y los ocho nietos del rey Juan Carlos aceptaron una herencia de casi 10 millones de euros de un mallorquín, cuatro millones de los cuales serán destinados a una fundación para la formación de jóvenes, según la Casa Real.
El resto, una vez pagados impuestos de sucesión que superan los tres millones de euros y casi 2 millones de bienes inmobiliarios dejados sin vender, será repartido entre diez herederos, a cada uno de los cuales le corresponderá un importe neto calculado en 70.000 euros.

Juan Ignacio Balada Llabrés, un empresario millonario de las Islas Baleares, fallecido en noviembre, legó su fortuna a los Príncipes y a los nietos del Rey, a condición de que un 50% de la suma sea consagrada a una fundación de interés general.

El anuncio de la herencia, en enero, había incomodado a la Casa Real, que jamás había tenido contacto con el empresario y desató algunas críticas de los partidos de izquierda, que pidieron que el dinero fuera para el Estado.

Tras una reflexión, el legado fue aceptado y el 40% será dedicado a una fundación para “el empleo y la formación” de la juventud, así como a proyectos sociales y culturales.

El príncipe Felipe y su esposa, doña Letizia, precisaron el viernes que dedicarán los 140.000 euros de su parte a obras sociales. Los nietos decidirán cuando sean mayores de edad lo que harán con sus 70.000 euros.

Si la Familia Real no hubiese aceptado la herencia, habría ido al Estado de Israel, según el testamento del empresario.