3 years in Oracle

January 16th 2007 was my first day in Oracle. I went straight to boot camp (the training programme) after a very quick session of interviews.

I guess it was the fastest hiring ever. On January 11th (a Thursday) I had the languages test, the next day I got a phone call. The next interview was set for Monday, January 15th. Later that day I got another phone call. “Tomorrow you will start…”
Three years later… I can’t hardly believe it…
I’ve changed 6 desks, but it was good, as I like changes.

I have learned a lot, I’ve been and still am involved in interesting projects. I’ve grown professionally a lot. I speak Spanish and English on a daily basis. I’ve seen people coming and going, I’ve coached a lot.
I renewed big contracts. I’ve solved issues. I’ve received emails of appreciation.
Sometimes I feel like wanting a change, but not only a job change. Until I am ready to make that change, I think I will stay a little bit longer within Oracle.